Hope in God

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

During this particular season of life, I have been finding a lot of comfort in the Psalms. As someone who struggles with chronic illness (or rather, relapsing Lyme Disease), it's hard to accept the times when I'm not feeling well again. I have learned so much about the Lord in each new valley that I'm confident to walk by faith knowing that He is the strength in my weakness, that suffering produces perseverance, character and hope, and all things work together for good! (2 Corinthians 5:7; 12:7, Romans 5:3-5; 8:28).

When I'm dealing with a relapse and my immune system is in overdrive, I'm tempted to look around for help. A specialist, medicine, diet changes, etc. Yes, these things help sometimes, but not always, and I have to be careful where I put my hope. Maybe that sounds familiar? We place our hope in things that can disappoint and miss the blessings that come from waiting on the Lord (see Isaiah 40:31). If you're like me, it might be tempting to take control. We can only do what we can, and the rest is in God's hands. Sometimes I can't do a thing to get out of my situation, and that's when I'm reminded to find my comfort in knowing that God is in control. Nothing comes our way that has not first been filtered through His sovereign hands, and often times in the battle is right where He wants us, in the refiner's fire.

One particular Psalm that has really spoken to me recently, and has been coming up time and again through devotionals and sermons, is this:

"Why are you in despair, oh my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence" (Psalm 43:5)

Maybe you're going through a trial right now, whether it's an illness, financial, job related or something else, and it's bringing you down. I pray this encourages you to hope in God! Remember His faithfulness in the past and believe He will be faithful again to carry you through. Because of Jesus, we can all walk in victory above our circumstances as He walks with us through them. Lord help us to always look up, knowing that is where our true help and hope comes from for both body and soul!

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